Walk on the Boardwalk Virginia Beach, Va

On Today’s Training Trip Linda and I took Pack Member Patch (An American Bulldog and Boxer Mix) and King Lazarus (An American Bulldog Puppy) for a stroll down the boardwalk in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

For those that have visited the resort city at this time of year you know their is SO MUCH to smell so a their noses were constantly working. There were also lots of unusual sights and sounds for to experience like crews setting up a stage for an event going on tonight, and the horses riding tourists up and down the beach.

Being the very energetic Puppy that he is Laz is still working on not tugging on his leash when he gets a whiff of something that smells Really Yummy and he just can’t help but want to get closer (Man there is a lot of good smelling food down there), or if he sees a really nice couple that he just Really Really wants to meet and see if they will  love on him for a bit or maybe forever?

Patch is still a bit nervous around skateboards, city buses and those weird contraptions those people use to wash off their feet when coming off the beach.

Both boys have come so far since the beginning of their dog training with Right On. Lazarus wasn’t house trained, crate trained or leash trained and didn’t know a single basic obedience command. Patch was also not house trained or crate trained either and had absolutely no confidence that he was in fact a Good Boy. These two would not have been able to walk down an empty street together in the beginning let alone 14 blocks down the boardwalk and back with every distraction imaginable kids on skateboards, bikes, city buses, horses, dogs and even someone leaving and or dropping a sock on the boardwalk and they stayed focused therefore earning the Ultimate Reward! We are so Proud of you Guys! Right On Job!



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