Meet your trainer!

          Have you ever been stressed out to the max with a dog problem to the point you even considered giving up a dog in order to try to fix it?  Hopefully your situation has never gotten that bad, but mine was, and luckily for me just before I hit my wits end I found someone to walk me through how to put my family back together.                   

         Hello, my name is Kimberly Dillon.  In 2005 my family went through a traumatic experience when our home caught fire. Our 2 dogs were home alone at the time. Thanks to great neighbors and a quick response from the Fire Department both dogs were pulled out without injury! However after that experience, and being displaced from their home, the dogs started to develop behavior problems, and I found myself in over my head. Through working with a great trainer in the Hampton Roads area Rhoda Tucker of Park Avenue Pups, my dogs and I found the joy of Dog Training and wanted to show others just how much it can change your life!

            After working with my own dogs  I then started my studies with Animal Behavior College and was blessed again to be mentored by another excellent trainer in the Hampton Roads Area Jean Nohle of Perfect Paws Pet Training. This is where my first training assistant, my friend and neighbor Banjo a Bernese Mountain Dog and I became a Therapy Dog Team!

          I can’t wait to meet you and your pup, let’s talk soon!


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