Training Programs

Harmonious Canine!

After a brief jump start in their training, your dog will walk without pulling at all. It’s amazing that they don’t jump up and leave scratch marks anymore which used to be a bit embarrassing. Now you know that when you open the door your dog will wait to see if it’s okay to go out instead of running right on out into traffic, finally!

2 Days Vacation Training

1 day of Doggy Day School

1 Private Session with the family 

3 Obedience Commands ( Sit, Let’s Go/Loose Leash & Wait)

2 Behavioral Commands (Off & Leave It)

  • Lifetime  Email Support!  
  • 5 % Discount on other Right On Services!

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Good Citizen!

Right now your dog might be chewing up everything in your home or getting so excited when they see guests and or other dogs that they pee a little bit or even pull you down. By the time we’re done working together your dog will not only ask you for permission to go outside or greet a guest but, instead they will go into their crate when asked and wait for direction from you when they see something exciting so that you don’t have to worry about them when guests come over or when you are out and about either.

4 Days Vacation Training

2 days of Doggy Day School

2 Private Sessions with the family 

5 Obedience Commands (Sit, Down, Let’s Go,  Wait & Stay )

3 Behavioral Commands (Off,  Leave It, & Crate)

  • Lifetime  Email & Phone Support!
  • 10% Discount on other Right On Services!



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Spoiled in a Good Way!

Imagine your dog going away on a short vacation and coming back no longer always too distracted to listen to you. Instead the first thing they do is look at you when they see something that excites them instead of pulling on the leash when they see another dog or a squirrel. You are confident you are no longer wasting time, energy, or  money on training tools that your dog doesn’t respond to because we have already taken care of the hardest part for you. We understand you are busy and we are here to help!

6 Days of Vacation Training

3 days of Doggy Day School

3 Private Sessions with the family 

Unlimited Commands (Have the dog who understands the most of Your language!)

  • Lifetime  Email, Phone & Video Support!
  • Up to 3 follow up sessions to get you back on track if needed down the road
  • 20 % Discount on other Right On Services!
  • Training tools provided for you at no Additional Cost!
  • Unlimited Field Trips with the Pack to polish up and show off their new skills.
  • Group Refresher Sessions and the support of our Right On Dog Parents Pack!


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