Event Day

We sure did have a blast attending Wags N Waves today, an event at Ocean Breeze Water Park in Virginia Beach, Va a benefit for Dogs Deserve Better a local rescue with several locations including Smithfield, VA and on the Eastern Shore in Exmore, VA. King Lazarus an American Bulldog Puppy here for training and available for adoption through Operation Save a Shelter Dog headquartered in Zuni, VA but helping dogs all over Hampton Roads and beyond, got a bit overwhelmed and overtired about 45 minutes into the swim and went to the wagon for a nap (Typically Puppy Lol), but our long term Pack Member Bella hung in the whole time and really built up her confidence in the water now swimming over her head with no leash, no hand holding and no life preserver. You go girl! Confidence is such a beautiful thing to watch grow, hard to believe she came to us scared of water and too excited to play politely in a group. Hope to have even more of our pack join us for this event next year.

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