Fearful Milo

We just met Milo and he is fearful of the world. Unfortunately his parents needed to leave town and had no one that could handle him without getting bitten or stressing him out even more so. We agreed to help them out. Hopefully Milo and his parents will be back for some Right On Training cause as you can see he truly is a good boy and doesn’t want to be afraid or stressed out. At the start of the weekend it took a bit to get him in and out of the crate. He was too afraid to leave his “safe spot” unattended. As time went on he began to trust us a but more, and we began to learn better what works best for him. By the time he was ready to go home, we could safely escort him outside, and refill his bowls with just one person! As you can see from this video Milo actually listens pretty well when he is given the room to not be frightened but right now he is afraid of ALOT and we do hope to help change that.

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