Meet Jack Jack!

I think Jack Jack’s owners definitely hit the nail on the head when they guessed he was some sort of rat terrier mix. As some of you may already know, rat Terriers are a very intelligent breed, but they tend to be stubborn and have a mind of their own. They also tend to be wary and reserved when it comes to meeting new people which was very much the case when we first met him, let alone when he came to our home to stay and we had to handle him for things like removing his collar! So the primary focus of the first couple days has been showing Jack Jack ways to deal with his fear without resorting to aggression and to also teach him to enjoy wearing a muzzle should he ever need veterinary care in a hurry. We didn’t get to capture his new found love for the muzzle in this video but rest assured it will be in the next one!

I really enjoy working with All American breeds. You learn so much from them and you never know which breed personality is going to come out in which aspects of training. He is very unique indeed and has taught me so much in just the 2 days he has been with us so far I am super excited for the rest of the week with him and then we get to apply all this hard work to his family with include two young 2 legged kids too Yay, Super Secret Language Here We Come!

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