Is a Vaccum Really a Grooming Tool?

Do you have a double coated dog? Or maybe one that just happens to shed alot more at certain times of the year? No matter what grooming tool you need for the breed of dog you are working with the key to success is having the dog conditioned to ENJOY it so that is is not a struggle for you or your groomer, and they do not dread it.

Luckliy for us Halsey went through our Spoiled In A Good Way Training Program at an early age and is very familiar with us as his caretaker(s), as he and his sister stay with us regularly, because when he started blowing out his undercoat, I truly mean HAIR WAS EVERYWHERE!

Conditioning your dog to enjoy grooming will prevent lots of trouble and could even prevent injuries down the line, so please take the time to show your 4 legged babies the joy of grooming. They will thank you for it I guarantee you!

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