Baxley’s Getting Comfortable In Public

When we first went into the store Baxley froze when she saw the tiling and she didn’t want to leave the carpeting at the entryway to actually go into the store. We had to leave and go back in a few times and reassure her by crouching down. Once she got over walking onto a new and unusual type of flooring she was still a bit nervous but willing to walk around and even started to use her sniffer again. She also met another dog who sniffed her which did make her a bit nervous so we walked on but she was so proud of herself for having a good social interaction and you could tell it boosted her confidence . Now that she was comfortable and even had some confidence going on she was ready to get to work so we turned the reigns back over to mom and Baxley did such a Right On job. She handled multiple distractions at the same time and still maintained a good amount of focus with little to no food luring needed. Mom Jessica also did a great job on the hands free walk. I think we have found you’re niche there 😉

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