Welcome to the Pack Duke!

Duke and his family just started their training program this week, but he is also spending time with us for daycare and vacation care which gives us the opportunity to work with him on his socialization skills. Since Duke is about to celebrate his first birthday next month and Halsey is only a few months older than him, not to mention the fact that they are actually neighbors, we chose him to be the first playmate he was introduced to this week. Although they are very close in age and energy level Halsey’s size can be intimidating for any dog or person for that matter so it is very important that he feels safe and comfortable as he gets to know his new friend better. Duke may be a fluffy ball of gorgeous puppy but he is also such a smart pup and has been doing great for week one of training. We look forward to watching him grow in his training and his friendships and are grateful for the opportunity to have him be a part of Pack Right On!

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