Bella Recovers Well!

Story Ran By Channel 13 Local News

As most of you have already heard one of our Pack Members Bella was attacked by two dogs during her daily play time at the oceanfront last week. Right after the incident occurred she and her owner returned to us to realize the wounds were more extensive than first aid and we headed to the best ER Vet in the area Bay Beach.

Luckily even in all the turmoil Bella held true to her training and knew what to do to prevent being attacked by two dogs twice her size from being life threatening. The news article said she was on leash, but actually Chris and Bella had already entered the Beach and she had been released to off leash commands.

Once she spotted the dogs she went into her down stay and then turned to focus on her Dad while the dogs approached her so to not overwhelm them, but unfortunately these dogs were just not ready for off leash socialization yet and their owner had no verbal control and no leash even with him so unfortunately they chased after several other people after the attack in their attempt to exit the beach before Animal Control arrived.

The point of this story is not to shelter your dogs and never to let them enjoy the wonderful experience of running on the beach with old friends whilst making new ones, but to be ready for unexpected events and plan accordingly. Students in school practice a fire drill regularly with the hopes that a fire will never occur in the classroom.

We are all just so proud of Bella that not only did she know to run towards people for help, but that when she got to a busy road such as Atlantic avenue she remembered her training and didn’t run out into traffic but instead sat waiting in her “Car” Command until her Dad was able to catch up to her and load her into the vehicle safely.

We are also so glad to report that she is not showing lingering effects, she still wants to play and be with other dogs (Only a few more days to go till off medical leave Sweet Bella) and she will continue to teach us humans daily the power of Living in the Moment!

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